1. To become a member of our team you must be at least 18 years of age.

2. Only Indian Residents are Eligible for this job.

3. Sub-Contract of this job is strictly prohibited.

4. Registration Fee Charged is a one-time fee and completely non-refundable. Registration should be made only according to the Registration details and instructions given by SUN BIZ TEAM. We will not be responsible for any error made by you in the Registration procedures.

5. After paying the Registration fees you have to complete STEP2 provided in the "Registration_details" pdf file. In this step an Online Registration Form will be provided, in which you will have to submit your Personal details, Payment details and Method by which you want to receive your payments, etc. You are solely responsible for all the informations provided, We will not be responsible that if they are invalid. This is a very important step without this we cannot confirm your payment.

Note: Multiple submissions of Registration Form filled and received from the same Customer will result in confusion and may result in disqualification.

6. It may take 5 or more business days for us to confirm your payment depending on the mode of Payment you have made us. As soon as we confirm your Payment, we will create your website, kits and get back to you by Email with all the necessary details to start the work within 2 to 3 business days.

7. Your Earnings depend upon the Number of Confirmed Registrations occur through your website. Rs.100 will be credited to your Account only when the MEMBERSHIP DETAILS are sent to Registered user.

8. Member will have to use the website provided by SUN BIZ TEAM only. But You can advertise your SUN BIZ TEAM Website through any other website by means of banners, ads..etc.

9. SUN BIZ TEAM will not be responsible for your earnings, it depends upon your own efforts.

10. If there is any Technical Problem, until we solve it you have to co-operate with us.

11. SUN BIZ TEAM will not be responsible for the taxes on your income. You will have to pay it on your own.

12. If somebody wants to quit this job then he/she has to notify us about the same.


Your Account will be immediately terminated without any prior notice if any of the following happens,

1. If you use any illegal ways to earn money.

2. If any member violates the Terms & Conditions of SUN BIZ TEAM.

3. If you had not earned anything continuously for 3 months.


1. Minimum Payout Rs.300/-.

2. Your payment will be sent to you every 7 days (Once a week).

3. If you wish you can Change your Minimum Payout Amount from Rs.400 to Rs.10,000 by sending a "MINIMUM PAYOUT CHANGE REQUEST" Email to us.

4. Payment will be made according to the Payment Method you choose. You can change your Payment Method anytime by sending a "PAYMENT METHOD CHANGE REQUEST" Email to us.

5. Once Payment is processed will not be cancelled.

6. We will not be responsible if Payee Name, Bank Name, Branch Name, Bank A/C No., Payable City, Payment Address or any other detail is incorrect.

7. Payment charges will be deducted from your Account balance.

8. No arguments will be entertained once the payment is made.


Payments will be processed according to the Payment Mode that you choose.


Payment will be Transferred Online directly to your Bank Account. A Minimum Payout of Rs.300/- is Required.


Only if your Account Balance reaches Rs.1000/- or more Payment will be done by Demand Draft. Your Demand Draft will be sent to you by Speed Post. From Rs.300/- toRs.999/- Payment will be sent to you by Money Order.


Your payment will be sent to you by Money Order. A Minimum Payout of Rs.300/- is Required.


SUN BIZ TEAM has complete rights to change the Terms & Conditions and Instructions of work without prior notice.

Users are advised to read these terms and conditions carefully.


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Terms and Conditions